Escapada a Bruselas con Estilo y Romanticismo

Escapada a Bruselas con Estilo y Romanticismo

Fin de semana largo en Bruselas. Un LUJO A TU ACLCANCE!

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10:15 Brussels Natl
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à propos de la ville

From its breathtaking medieval centre to its 21st-century temple to Surrealism, the new Magritte Museum, Brussels offers the visitor a great deal more than just beer and chocolate and is resoundingly unlike its unfortunate staid image as the home of EU bureaucrats. Indeed, Brussels is a creative, dynamic city. Its compact city centre is clustered with bars, restaurants and museums set along cobbled streets. Inevitably, most tourists head to the Grand-Place. With its ornate Flemish guild houses, impressive Town Hall and buzzing atmosphere, it would be difficult to find a more beautiful square in the whole of Europe. It deservedly is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the city’s crowning jewel. Wander next to the nearby Royal and Sablon districts teeming with art galleries and antique shops. Throw away your map and meander down a myriad side streets, discovering flea markets, art-deco houses and boutique stores. The Bruxellois take pride in their self-effacing, intellectual sense of humour, underpinned by a strong appreciation of the bizarre. The city has a long-running love affair with the Surrealist art movement, pioneered by René Magritte, and with classic comic strips, epitomised by Hergé's boy hero, Tintin. There's a telling irony in the fact that the city's best-known landmark is the Manneken-Pis, a tiny statuette of a urinating boy. Meanwhile, all of this sits alongside world-class collections of art, fabulous cooking including mussels, frites, waffles and whelks, some of Europe’s best and unique beers (literally, there are thousands of varieties), and master-chocolatiers. The city’s cultural calendar is packed with events for everyone from the massive, raucous Foire du Midi street fair every July teeming with stalls and fairground attractions to the legendary Christmas Market that takes centre stage in the Place Sainte Catherine with 240 stalls, a skating rink, a big wheel, and numerous rides. One of the biggest events is Art Brussels, showcasing the city’s edgier, creative side and a hub for art connoisseurs from around the globe. If you’re a Euro-loving national, check out the European Quarter, centered around Schuman and the Berlaymont. Its liveliest part is the Place du Luxembourg: all its bars fill up around 6pm on week days with some of the 20,000 diplomats, politicians and civil servants who reside in the city after Brussels became the centre of international political following WWII. Open your eyes and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all that Brussels has to offer.

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New Prince de Liège

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3 Activités

Guided Beer Tour in Spanish

jour 2 - At 4.45pm in Spanish
Delve into the exciting world of Belgian beer: the culture and history behind it as well as its production method. Discover the different types of beer in the best locations. At 4:45pm we meet at the tourist office of the Grand Place where you will hear an introduction on brewing history.

The visit includes a tasting of four beers at three of the most emblematic places in Brussels as well as a document with recommendations on the best factories, shops and an outline on the different types of beer. Belgium, a country the same size as Galicia, boasts 1132 brands of beer. Every day more and more people are interested in knowing about and enjoying the variety offered by the country. Discover the reasons that have given it its fame, exclusive Lambic beers and beers produced by Trappist monks.

Meeting/pick-up point: By the door to the Tourism Office.
Start/opening time: 4:45pm.
End/closing time: 7:15pm.
Languages: Spanish.

Brussels grand city tour

jour 2 - In German
This half day bus tour is an ideal introduction to Europe's capital, a crossroads between north and south and a real metropolitan melting pot of cultures and languages.

Discover the world famous Grand Place, the heart of mediaeval Brussels with its splendid old guild houses. Marvel at the magnificent St. Michael’s Cathedral with its twin bell towers. Go for a stroll around the area around Sablon square in the old town with its many antique shops and quirky restaurants and bars.

This extensive two and a half hour bus tour will take you to all the main attractions including the Royal Residence, Royal Square, the Belgian Houses of Parliament, the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower. We'll pass through the elegant Cinquantenaire district, with its Triumphal Arch, exceptional museums and splendid Art Nouveau houses. Other attractions include the imposing EU buildings housing the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers and the world-famous Atomium, built to commemorate the World Exhibition of 1958.

Belgium makes some of the best chocolates and beer in the world, so you should not miss the chance to try some. Nor should you leave without trying some delicious waffles. The best are to be had in the area around the Grand Place.

Meeting/ Pick up point: Free Pick up service for SOME hotels in Brussels City center. To reconfirm if your hotel is included please call to telephone number in the voucher. Or please go to meeting point De Boeck office, Grasmarkt, 82 Rue Marché aux Herbes, 1000 Brussels. Whether you are picked up at your hotel or you are heading to the meeting point, clients need to be there 30 min prior to the departure time of the tour.
Duration: 2.5 hours.
Start or opening time: 9.45am.
End or closing time: 12.30pm.
Languages: English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Brussels grand city tour with chocolatier visit

jour 3 - In German
Taste Brussels and nibble on some luxury Belgian chocolates with this afternoon grand tour of the capital of Europe. You will see some of the most outstanding landmarks that the city has to offer, including royal palaces, churches, parks and cutting edge architecture.

The tour begins with a stroll to the beautiful Grand Place, dominated by the almost 100 metre tall Gothic belfry of the city hall. The square is the heartbeat of the city and it is flanked by partly gilded guild houses of the breathtaking beauty. Each one tells a different story as your guide will reveal.

We will then head out to the suburbs, passing by the Gothic grandeur of the cathedral on our way to the Atomium, a futuristic building made of interconnected spheres. The nearby Chinese Gardens and Japanese Tower are next on the itinerary.

Across the Royal Demesne is the Royal Palace of Laeken, the elegant residence of the King and Queen of the Belgians, which we’ll pass as we drive to the upmarket district of Sablon, famed for is boutiques and antiques dealerships.

You will see the eclectic Palace of Justice, which is believed to be the largest building built in the 19th century, as we continue our drive to the Place Royale before heading for the modernity of the European quarter, where you will see all the leading EU institutions. On our way back to the centre, we’ll pass a monumental triumphal arch, some eye-catching art nouveau houses and the Belgian Parliament.

During the tour, we will visit one of the best chocolatiers in town and you will learn how this delicious delicacy is made as well as sample a few pieces.

Meeting/pick-up point: Some city centre hotels or if not at 82 Rue Marche aux Herbes/Grasmarkt.
Duration: Three-and-a-half hours.
Start/opening time: 2pm.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German.



Brussels Natl / 18:20
Air Europa UX 1174 Air Europa
2h 25m Sans arrêts
20:45 Barajas


Escapada a Bruselas con Estilo y Romanticismo
Escapada a Bruselas con Estilo y Romanticismo